Sensidyne Point Gas Detection Systems

All-In-One Gas MonitorSensAlarm Plus Gas Monitoring Detection System

  • Advanced Single Point Gas Detection System
  • 1 or 2 Double-flash Strobes, Horn, and Reset
  • Optional Battery Back-up

Intelligent PlusSensors

Flexible Installation or Maintenance

  • Non-intrusive Configuration / Maintenance Interface
  • Remote Sensor / Gassing, Duct Mount or Sample Draw
  • Mount Sensor up to 100 Feet Away with 4 Conductor Cable

SensSensAlarm Plus is a complete gas detection system in one enclosure. The system is fully equipped with strobe, horn, high-visibility four-digit LED Display and LCD Display / Interface. At the core of SensAlarm Plus is an advanced Intelligent Sensor platform with non-volatile memory for all key application variables and sensor data. A non-intrusive user interface enables operational customization and access to sensor life parameters, TWA alarms, calibration data and other information with date and time recording.

The SensAlarm Plus sensor head is universal in that it accepts all Sensidyne Plus sensors. Monitoring in high, low or adjacent locations is simplified by remote mounting the sensor head using 4 conductor cable. The automatic uploading of variables, alarm values and sensor information when a sensor is plugged in greatly simplifies installation and maintenance. Transportable calibration allows sensor calibration at the point of installation or in a workshop, then hot-swapping the sensor in the field.

SensAlarm Plus is the ideal gas monitoring solution for labs, gas cylinder storage, industrial work areas, control room protection or any other applications where users benefit from a packaged gas detection system that works with all SensAlert Plus sensors.

SensAlarm Plus Battery Back-up Option

SensAlarm Plus Battery Back-UpSensAlarm Plus, the advanced all-in-one single point gas monitoring system, is available with battery back-up. This feature provides protection for your employees and facility during instances of power loss. When power goes down SensAlarm Plus continues to protect your employees and facility for up to 60 minutes.


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